Alcohoot: World’s first smartphone breathalyzer

Alcohoot smartphone breathalyzer

Alcohoot smartphone breathalyzer

You have been out partying at the city’s hottest club and you decided to call it a night. Problem is, you have no way of knowing if your blood alcohol level is low enough for you to be able to drive home safely, unless if you have one of those breathalyzers policemen carry.

One company makes it possible for you to read your blood alcohol content right in your own smartphone. The Alcohoot is the world’s first smartphone-powered breathalyzer that functions like the ones used by the police once it is plugged to your handset via headphone jack. Gauge your blood alcohol content with “police-grade accuracy” to determine if you still need to take one for the road.

Alcohoot smartphone-powered breath analyzer

The Alcohoot is now available for shipping at $119 a pop. While it may seem more expensive than some of its contemporaries, the company behind Alcohoot says it is more than just a breathalyzer. For a $30 fee, you will get a new device each year that is calibrated to comply with any change in BAC warnings, together with a shipping label to return the old unit.

Meanwhile, the Alcohoot app for iOS and Android will also provide you with open restaurants within walking distance so you do not have to take that risk of driving yourself home while intoxicated. It also liks with Uber for remotely hail a cab, as well as a tool to track how much alcohol you have taken throughout the night.

This smartphone breathalyzer is currently only available in the United States, but the company plans to ship it overseas soon.

Source: Engadget

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