Alarm Clock With A Twist, Literally

Getting up early to the sound of the alarm clock can have its hassles. After a time, it may no longer be effective since it may be easy to just press that Snooze button for some more precious minutes of sleep. But then, those precious minutes can lead to trouble sometimes. To avoid it, some other means of waking up must be available such as what this Twist Alarm Clock offers.

The unique Twist Alarm Clock can literally get you out of bed with a twist. What is does is offer you to solve arithmetic puzzles when the clock alarm goes off. The only way to stop it is by twisting the two rotary digits on the alarm clock to come up with the right equation. Nobody likes to solve arithmetic puzzles so early in the morning. But doing so is guaranteed to make you get out of bed faster. The Twist Alarm Clock is available at Firebox for 15 UK Pounds or around US$24.

Image Source: Firebox

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