Akari Speaker Aroma Diffuser

You can always set up the right mood at home by creating a certain environment. You can use light, sound and smell to help you transform your room and create the right mood for relaxation. You can use different devices to make this possible. You can have the stereo playing your favorite tune, dim lighting and light up an aromatic candle to set the mood for you. It you are looking for something simpler, then this Akari Speaker Aroma Diffuser may help.

The Akari Speaker Aroma Diffuser is a unique device that can help set the right mood in any room. You can consider it as an all-in-one approach to a mood-enhancing device. First, this device comes with a speaker where you can play your favorite tunes at home. Just connect your portable media player to the built-in speaker to make those sounds flow into the room. The device also comes with five built-in healing soundtracks that you can play if you do not have any favorite tune in mind.

The Akari also comes with an aroma diffuser that can help diffuse a fragrant mist of your choosing in the room. You only need to add two or three drops of aroma oil into the device and it will diffuse the fragrance all over the room. The Akari also acts as a lamp, with six different colored lights that changes and dances according to the music. It produces a gentle light show that can help enhance the mood you like to create in the room.

The Akari Speaker Aroma Diffuser is made from wood and comes in two tonal variations. It also comes with an AC adapter that you can plug into a nearby power outlet. Also included is a remote control that you can use to set the right level of sound, light and smell in the room. The Akari Speaker Aroma Diffuser is available at Japan Trend Shop for US$148.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop

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