AirStash Wireless Flash Drive

Having a flash drive handy seems quite essential nowadays. But no matter how large the storage capacity may be for them, people may still find it quite inconvenient having to plug them in and out when being used, especially on desktops. It is a good thing that there is a flash drive like the AirStash that works wirelessly.

The AirStash Wireless Flash Drive is a WiFi enabled flash drive that allows you to stream and manage your media files wirelessly. It supports WiFi 802.11 b/g to allow you to connect with WiFi enabled PC’s and devices for a range of up to 50m or 160ft line of sight. It has its own built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery ti support its WiFi connectivity features. It can also be used as a typical USB drive as it also provides USB 2.0 support. The AirStash supports SD and SDHC memory cards of up to 32GB. The AirStash Wireless Flash Drive is available at the AirStash site for US$100.

Image Source: AirStash

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