Airsound Single Point Stereo Speaker System

Airsound single point stereo speaker

For people like you who are always on the lookout for alternative ways of listening to quality sound for their speakers, a new sound technology might be in the offing in providing you just that. A British company called Airsound has come up with a new technology in sound reproduction that would change the way that you listen to your stereo. The technology is known as Airsound stereo that makes use of loudspeakers in a novel way to produce stereo sound unlike any conventional speakers used today.

The Airsound stereo technology creates uniform stereo sound within any location of a room without any axis effect like most conventional speakers. What the Airsound technology does is that it processes stereo sound through its patented amplifiers and is converted into spatial as well as into main sound signals.

When produced through an Airsound designed loudspeaker unit, the sound produced can be recognized uniformly throughout the room. You can listen to the sound as crisp and clear any where in the room that you may be in. The speaker system does not produce sound with "sweet spots" just like conventional stereo.

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