Airo Massaging Backpack

Airo Massaging backpack

Nothing beats having a nice back massage after a hard day’s work. But what if you don’t have someone to give you a massage, and you can’t afford getting a massage chair or heading to a local massage parlor? Thanks to this new massaging device, you can now have a back massage whenever you need it.

The Airo Massaging Backpack offers quick comfort and relaxation at a small price. It gives instant relief to back pains by constantly vibrating and targeting your upper back. It also relaxes sore shoulders and soothes back muscles with the pain-relieving heat it releases. The Airo comes with a remote control that is wired to the massaging device.

The Airo is worn just like a regular backpack. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like one. Instead, it appears somewhat like a turtle shell worn as a costume. If it were designed more as a functional backpack, you wouldn’t mind taking it wherever you go and even let you carry things in it. But with its gawky, turtle form, it is way too embarrassing to be worn in public and should be left for home use only.

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