Airbus Unveils “The Future” of Airplanes

Airbus has unveiled its vision about the future of air transportation in the year 2050. For them, airplanes would appear transparent, with materials that supposed to mimic bird bones. Parts of the plane’s fuselage would also be able to switch between transparent and opaque, a technology that already exists.

The cabin would have form-fitting seats with built-in high-speed internet connections, while the plane itself would be divided into several zones such as “vitalising” that features vitamin-enhanced air and acupressure therapy and “interactive,” which will feature games and shopping.

Meanwhile, skeptics have all the right to be skeptic up to this point. Remember what people back in 1940s expect about the year 2000? Well, we have yet to have flying cars or colonies in Mars. Plus, I think this futuristic plane would still have the ways of the year 2000 such as little leg room, hidden fees, disrespect flight attendants, and terrorists.

Source: CrunchGear

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