Airbags on the Outside of Cars Being Tested

A team of Japanese scientists have developed an airbag system used on the outer part of vehicles. More than protecting the car from dents and bumps, the airbags are meant to soften the impact of pedestrians as they get hit. The project was conceptualized by the city’s association of small business companies and Hiroshima University.

The airbags, labeled as iSAVE, are supposed to deflate upon impact, just like traditional airbags, with a pedestrian. The technology is equipped on a prototype car to demonstrate how it works. So far, the iSAVE can only be used with electric cars.

The research team expects to sell about 50 units of these airbags by the year end for three-wheeled cars before full commercialization in 2011 for four-wheeled vehicles. The iSAVE system for the four-wheeled kind is likely to be priced at about US$17,800.

Source: CrunchGear

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