Air Power Engine Car Kit

Air Power Engine Car KitMany kids love to tinker with machinery. They love how things work from the inside out. Engines particularly are quite fascinating to many kids. But what particularly interests them is how machines make objects move. Unique machines appeal to such kids, such as this Air Power Engine Car Kit.

The Air Power Engine Car Kit features a set of parts that will allow kids to build a vehicle that runs on compressed air. It will be quite fascinating for kids to assemble such a toy vehicle and also learn and understand what makes it work. This educational science kit will help kids understand and learn about building an eco-friendly car.

The Air Power Engine Car Kit comes with all the pieces needed to build an air-powered car. But kids may require certain tools such as a screwdriver, scissors, ruler and others to make the job more convenient. But the enjoyment is always in the process of building up the toy car from scratch. Once kids completes the air-powered car, it has the ability to travel 50 meters in just 35 seconds. This toy car does not need any batteries to run. Kids only need to pump in some air into the air chamber to make the car run again and again. The air chamber comes with a safety valve that lets out excess air automatically.

The Air Power Engine Car Kit comes with easy to read instructions to guide kids in building the toy car using the different pieces that come with the kit. Ideal for kids from 10 years old and above, this educational science kit is available at Red5 for 18 UK Pounds. That is around US$28.

Image Source: Red5

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