AIR-O-SWISS Travel Ultrasonic Portable Humidifier

Travelers usually encounter many challenges when going on trips. One of them is having to deal with dry air in some foreign places which can easily make some travelers quite uncomfortable. The best solution to combat dry air is to bring along with them a portable humidifier like the AIR-O-SWISS Travel Ultrasonic.

The AIR-O-SWISS Travel Ultrasonic is a handy personal humidifier that travelers can easily bring along with them when going on trips. Its small size and weight hardly makes it any problem to bring along. It provides a means to humidify a hotel room using a common and ordinary 17 oz. water bottle that can be attached to the portable humidifier using a bottle adapter. It provides mist output control to let users decide on the proper and comfortable humidification of their rooms. With the AIR-O-SWISS Travel Ultrasonic, dry air would no longer be that of a problem for most travelers. Its available at AIR-O-SWISS for US$50.

Image Source: AIR-O-SWISS

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