Aiptek Story Book inColor

While most of the e-book readers coming up today may cater to adult readers, kids would surely also want to enjoy reading with such a device. Children’s books may also have a sizable share of the market. It may only be wise to also develop an e-book reader that caters to kids. That is why Aiptek has recently come up with its Aiptek Story Book inColor.

What makes the Aiptek Story Book inColor quite different from the most adult-oriented e-book readers of late is that it basically caters to kids who read. Its display is also in color which is quite different from the usual basic black and white displays of e-book readers. The Aiptek Story Book inColor features an 8-inch color display with a built-in 1GB worth of memory. It also supports external SD and SDHC memory cards as well as USB memory sticks.

The Aiptek Story Book inColor also provides support for video e-books as may also work as a digital photo frame and play mp3 files. It has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that makes it quite handy to bring along for reading when traveling. The Aiptek Story Book inColor is available at Aiptek for US$180 and comes with 20 e-book titles already included. Additional e-book titles for kids is available at the online store for download.

Image Source: Aiptek

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