Aiptek PocketDV AHD 300 1080p HD Camcorder

Aiptek PockerDV

Aiptek introduces the AHD 300 PocketDV that gives you high definition quality in recording home video and taking high quality photos. The AHD 300 PocketDV can give you HD 1080p quality resolution that will allow taking clearer and more refined video clips in your home or even at sporting events. Even still pictures get the high quality treatment with the camcorder’s 5 mega pixel image sensor.

The PocketDV’s compact size allows it to fit into your pocket and at 175 grams, would not be such a hassle bringing along all the time. But it packs a number of amazing features that make sit quite indispensable when you wish to capture memorable moments either in moving video or in still pictures. And you do not have to worry about not having

Enough space to record your videos. The Aiptek PocketDV provides supports for an additional 32 GB worth of SDHC space aside from the portable camcorder’s own 128 MB internal memory. The PocketDV also uses H.264 Compression Technology which allows 15 minutes worth of high definition video on every 1 GB memory. For comparison, MPEG-4 can only record 8 minutes worth on the same amount of memory space.

The Aiptek AHD 300 PocketDV also features easy video transfer to your PC or laptop through its USB 2.0 connectivity. The battery of the portable camcorder can also be charged through the same interface conveniently via your PC or laptop. The PocketDV is also equipped with a 2.4" LCD screen where clips and pictures can be displayed and checked out.

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