Aiptek Pocket Cinema V10

Aiptek pocket cinema v10

If you like cool projectors so much, there is one gizmo that we like to recommend to you. It’s the Aiptek Pocket Cinema V10. One of the best things that we like about this mini-projector is that it has an 8 gigabyte SD card reader. Thus, you can play your files even though you aren’t wired to any device. Also, files can be transcoded in Motion JPEG AVI or MPEG-4 ASF. It also has ArcSoft’s PC-only Media Converter in it.

This gadget does not come with a VGA output, however. Much like a trade-off among other projectors out there that has this kind of specification. But it comes with a basic component video input. So if you have files that are low-grade and has a standard definition, you won’t be having trouble playing them.

Another good thing about the Aiptek Projector is that it comes with a small tripod that is easy to set up. Also, it comes with a remote control. This comes best in giving presentations. You can even convert files like PPT and PDF to JPEG and load them in the SD card. That way, you get better upshots.

The thing about this is that you can not have the projector at about five feet or more. In addition to that, setting it at a position of about 50 inches diagonally blurs the picture. But, of course, as long as you have a dim setting, you will get to watch quality pictures.

The Aiptek Pocket Cinema V10 has a luminous flux of about 10 Lumens and projects images of about 42 inches on about any surface. You can purchase it on online sites like or for about $300.

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