Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder

3D seems to be the next big thing nowadays. It seems that there are now more and more devices offering 3D features than ever before. The new Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder is just one of them.

The Aiptek 3D HD camcorder makes use of dual-HD sensors to allow users to capture 3D stills and videos. Not only that, this portable 3D camcorder also includes a built-in 3D LCD for instant playback. If you wish to take the conventional way, this camcorder can also take 2D stills and video in full HD. The Aiptek 3d HD Camcorder is available at Aiptek for pre-orders and is about to come out in the market soon. It is expected to cost around US$230.

Image Source: Aiptek

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