AiAiAi Tracks Headphones

Headphones no longer are just worn for the good audio quality they provide. People now try to wear it like some type of fashionable headgear. That is why headphones now have to look good aside from sounding good. And with others having different ideas on what kind of headphones look good, the new AiAiAi Tracks Headphones will provide an alternative choice for some variety.

Looking quite unique just like its unique sounding name, the AiAiAi Tracks Headphones looks quite unlike most of the usual headphones out there. And therein lies its appeal. It comes with a thin steel headband that connects to the pair of earpieces quite nicely. But there is a function to this. The steel headband also functions as an adjustable rail for micro adjusting the earpieces for better comfort when worn.

The AiAiAi Tracks come with detachable ear pieces that makes it quite convenient to store. It also comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. A pair of 10mm drive provide the full spectrum sound quality that this pair of headphones provide. The AiAiAi Tracks Headphones is available at AiAiAi for around 70 Euros or around $85.

Image Source: AiAiAi

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