Agfaphoto AS1150 Negative Film Scanner

With the popularity of digital cameras today, using classic cameras that uses film negatives seem to have become obsolete. The use of film comes with an inconvenience that you need to have it developed professionally in order to get a copy of a picture, unlike a digital camera which provides a digitized copy that can be stored in a computer and printed at any time. But still those old film negatives may hold memorable images that may also need to be stored before they get destroyed forever. You may now be able to digitize those old film negatives by using the Agfaphoto AS1150 Negative Film Scanner.

The Agfaphoto AS1150 Negative Film Scanner allows you to scan those old negative film of cameras past and convert them into its digitized form. It can also scan A6 photos and can either store the digitized versions via memory card or displayed via a photo frame when connected with through USB. The Agfaphoto AS1150 can scan for up to 1800 x 1200 pixels picture resolution. The Agfaphoto AS1150 Nagative Film Scanner is available at Sagemcom 100 Euros or around US$148.

Image Source: Sagemcom

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