Agendus Integrated PIM Applications for BlackBerry

agendus pim applications

Agendus, the award-winning Personal Information Manager (PIM) by iambic Inc., is now available for BlackBerry. BlackBerry users can now have access to an intuitive and easy to deploy integrated PIM solution for managing information, calendar, and contacts. What’s great about Agendus is that it can work directly with BlackBerry’s native data storage, resulting in seamless and instant accessibility to PIM information.

One feature that made Agendus well-known on the Windows Mobile and Palm OS platforms is its flexibility on how it displays information. Agendus for BlackBerry allows you to view at a glance the day ahead, showing tasks, meetings, recent calls and messages, and over-the-air information like Quote of the Day and Weather. Agendus also has views for a day, a week, a month, and views for contact information and tasks.

Agendus for BlackBerry seamlessly works with the Windows Outlook version of Agendus, enhancing how the tasks, calendar, memos, and contacts are viewed on a PC. You can download and buy version 1.0 of Agendus for BlackBerry from  for only $19.95. It will cost you only $39.95 when you buy it with its PC companion, Agendus for Windows. This will save you $20.

Image Source: Agendus

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