Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones

Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting HeadphonesPlaying video games can sometimes be quite an engaging experience. They way some play may allow them to tune out from their surroundings to focus on gameplay. Now, that is some serious gamer. But like it or not, some gamers still need to be aware of their surroundings while they focus their attention on the game. Some might be awaiting a phone call while gaming. Some might be watching a TV show while playing a game. Someone might be waiting for Mom calling out that it’s time to eat. Using the usual gaming headphones will make it difficult. But this new Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones might just be the great alternative you need.

The Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones is not your typical gaming headphones that lets you block out all distractions and let you concentrate fully on your game. It is a pair of bone conducting headphones that allow users to keep both ears open to be more aware of their surroundings while enjoying crisp clear gaming audio at the same time. This wireless gaming headset uses the same technology used in cochlear implants to help deaf people hear. This device direct the sound waves through your cheek and jaw in order to reach your cochlea. It bypasses the eardrum to give you crisp and clear audio in a safer way. Not only that, keeping your ears open lets you hear the sounds of your immediate surroundings.

The Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones is also great for use in other ways. You can use it to answer phone calls as it comes with a multifunction button and microphone to allow you to answer phone calls or just send in instructions to a team mate. It is also great for music playing as you connect it to your smartphone or media player. It is also a good headphone when going to the gym, with a tension band that allows users to adjust the headset for an ideal fit.

The Aftershokz Gamez Bone Conducting Headphones is a better alternative for a gaming headset for people who do not exactly like to tune out the outside world while they enjoy playing their favorite video game. It is even a great headset to have around for people who need to be attune to their surroundings as they try to enjoy their favorite audio. It is available at Think Geek for $100.

Image Source: Think Geek

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