Aero Sphere Circulator Fan

When you say electric fans, most people will always have this distinct idea of what one looks like. But that is until the Dyson Air Multiplier came that we came to have a unique look at how electric fans look like. And now, even this new Aero Sphere Circulator Fan may provide another different look at the device.

The Aerospace Sphere Circulator Fan is a unique looking electric fan in that it is encircled with a unique sphere with little honeycomb holes in them. Unique looking as it may seem, it has a purpose. The honeycomb design helps to stabilize the air coming from spinning blades inside. This results in the breeze traveling farther across the room. The Aero Sphere Fan is available at the Idea online shop for 8400 Japanese Yen or around US$90.

Image Source: Idea

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