Adventure Tape

People can experience different types of emergencies all the time. Some may not be grave enough but can be quite a hassle especially if you do not have a remedy for it. There are also times when you have the remedy in mind but do not have the tools or materials you need to accomplish it. It pays to be always ready with something on hand. This unique Adventure Tape can be a worthy tool to have for many sudden emergencies. 

The Adventure Tape is more than just an ordinary tape that can put things back together again. It is a super stretchy tape made out of a unique formula of polyurethane that is durable and waterproof. What makes it unique is that it does not have an adhesive surface and can only stick onto itself. It is also super strong and is designed to be reusable. These properties make it a very useful solution to hundreds of emergency fixes at home, the office, or the great outdoors.  

People can use the Adventure Tape to repair a broken tent pole. It can also be used to fix a leaky hose or pipe. It is strong enough to make an emergency stretcher to carry an injured person. The Adventure Tape can also be a good tool for keeping things in place in a car boot. There are hundreds of other uses for the Adventure Tape. The fact that it can be used again and again makes it a valuable addition to any tool box or kit. The Adventure Tape has gone through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. But it may not yet be available since its website announced that an online store is forthcoming. But based on Kickstarter, it is expected to sell for around $27 a roll. 

Image Source: Kickstarter 

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