Adtec MP15A Pocket Sized Video Projector

 Adtec MP15A Pocket Projector

Portability is now the name of the game when it comes to projectors. It is a niche in the market that may yet become quite attractive in the near future. And many electronics manufacturers are trying to develop their own version of a pocket sized video projector. Adtec Japan is just one of them.

Adtec Japan recently announced the availability of its Adtec MP15A micro projector. This pocket sized projector 2.7 by 5.8 by 9 cm and weighs just 147 grams. It uses an LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) projector that offers 640 by 480 VGA resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The projector offers also a brightness of 15 lumens and a 200:1 contrast ratio. This portable pocket projector can provide 40 minutes worth of viewing time on its Lithium ion battery and is equipped with a built in 0.3 watt mono speaker.

The Adtec MP15A Micro Projector is currently available only in Japan and may fetch around 39,800 yen, which is around 400 US dollars.

Image Source: Adtec Japan

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