Adobe Helps Search Engines See Flash Content

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Popular software maker Adobe Systems is helping search engine giants Google and Yahoo! to be able to "see" and index web content that was previously invisible to and not included in the engines’ web searches.

In a statement released Monday, Adobe announced that it is providing the two search giants with optimized Adobe Flash Player technology in order to bring web searches to a whole new different level. This team up would very well improve search results for dynamic Web content as well as rich Internet applications or RIA’s.

Currently, search engine technology is mainly based on determining and indexing text content of Web pages in coming up with relevant search results. This is done by powerful search engine spiders that scour the World Wide Web for text content periodically and then stored and indexed on huge search engine databases which is then used to determine relevant search results.

Unfortunately, these search engine spiders only can distinguish Web content in the static text format and blind to anything else. This becomes a problem for most dynamic Web pages which these spiders are not capable of seeing. Although dynamic web pages have become quite popular among designers, they suffer in terms of being part of search engine results because they are are seldom indexed.

This is about to change as Adobe would be providing Google and Yahoo! with the technology that would aid and enhance search engine indexing of Web content in the popular Flash file format (.swf). This will enable dynamic pages and content as well as RIA’s to enter into the search rankings and help ensure that millions of users from around the globe may be able to find them by making them searchable. This will be a welcome change for web developers and designers who have long been frustrated on how to make dynamic and interactive Web pages easily searchable by search engines. And on the same note, the search engine giants may then be able to may use of technology that would make their search results become more varied, accurate as well as relevant.

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