Adidas miCoach smart ball unveiled

Adidas miCoach smart ball

Adidas miCoach smart ball

As Adidas plans to expand its miCoach line of sporting apparel and accessories, it is introducing a smart ball intended to improve your football (or soccer) skills. The Adidas miCoach smart ball is equipped with various motion sensors that track every data needed and send it to your iOS device.

Adidas’ smart soccer ball has been in development for over a year, makes use of your iPhone (or other iOS mobile devices) to display where it was kicked and how hard it was being struck. It also uses the miCoach system so you can view the visual trajectory of the ball.

It also has a companion iOS app that acts as your training planner that keeps track of your shooting records and even provide personal challenges aimed at improving your overall football skills. The Adidas miCoach smart ball is available for $299 on Adidas and even on Apple’s retail channels.

Source: Engadget

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