Adidas miCoach Pacer

Adidas miCoach Pacer

Most professional athletes maintain their fitness simply because they usually have coaches to look over their performance. Ordinary fitness buffs may not have the same privilege as having a personal coach, unless they pay for one. And it is not always that convenient to have one if you wish to go through your fitness routine at your own pace.

Technology has always given people the means to find alternatives. In the case of a personal coach, people can now have the Adidas miCoach Pacer. This device helps people perform better during their fitness routines by offering audible coaching to guide and motivate users when running. The Adidas miCoach Pacer also features personalized training plans that is created by specialist coaches that users can use for their own routine.

The Adidas miCoach Pacer also accurately measures heart rate, records the user’s pace and distance as well as stride rate. Workout stats can even be synchronized online at the Adidas website for coaching feedback and enables users to track their progress online. It is also compatible with most portable music players so that you can listen to your favorite songs during exercise as well as receive audible coaching instructions at the same time. The Adidas miCoach Pacer is available at Adidas for US$139.

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