AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottles

One of the benefits of new technology is that it promotes innovation of products. New technology can help improve or enhance current products to make them even more useful and effective. In the same way new technology can also transform otherwise ordinary items and equip them with added functions. Take for example, the pill bottle. It may be an ordinary container for your medicine. But infused with new technology, they become what might be the AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottles.

The AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottles gives patients more reason not to forget taking their medication as prescribed. That is because this special pill bottle is smart enough to know the exact amount of pills or liquid that remain in the bottle. This will help indicate whether the patient is taking the medication as prescribed or not. The special device on the pill bottle can also wirelessly transmit the data into the cloud where doctors can access them. This will help inform doctors whether the patients are doing things as instructed.

Not only that, the Smart Pill Bottle also reminds patients to take their medicine by sending out an automated phone call or text. This way, even the most forgetful of patients can have their mobile phones to remind them to take their medicine. This is especially useful for older people who still live alone and might be feeling a bit forgetful nowadays. AdhereTech believes that their new device can help reduce extra visits to the doctor as well as hospital re-admissions for treatment. The AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle will be undertaking trials in the coming months at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to be tested out on type 2 diabetes patients. It may not yet be available commercially, but knowing that there is such a thing as a Smart Pill Bottle makes you think that technology truly is a game changer.

Image Source: AdhereTech

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