Adata S007 USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives have become quite a common storage device. People nowadays seem to go around always having them handy. People might even bring them along places where the elements might be a bit extreme. In such cases, USB flash drives like the Adata S007 might really be able to prove its worth.

The Adata S007 USB flash drive is designed for extreme situations. It is a military grade flash drive compliant with the US MIL-SPEC standards to prevent data loss due to environmental factors. It is waterproof when the cap is closed, shockproof and provides high speed data transfers on USB 2.0 at 30 Mbps reading speeds and 8 Mbps writing speeds. The Adata S007 USB Flash Drive is available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet from Adata when it will be released or how much this rugged flash drive will cost.

Image Source: Adata

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