ADATA HE720 DashDrive External Hard Drive

Those who look for portability in their devices usually want them thinner, smaller and lighter. This goes for all of the devices that they plan to always bring along with them. And when it comes to the thinnest in external hard drives nothing can beat the new ADATA DashDrive HE720 for now.

The ADATA HE720 DashDrive External Hard Drive is considered as the world’s thinnest external hard drive. It beats the recent model of the Toshiba Canvio line by mere millimeters. While the Canvio Slim comes at 9mm, the ADATA HE720 DashDrive comes at 8.9mm slim. Just a slight 0.01 difference, but more than enough to use it for its marketing push as the slimmest external hard drive to date. The ADATA DashDrive HE720 comes with a 500GB capacity and USB 3.0 support for faster file transfer speeds. The ADATA DashDrive HE720 is now available at selected retailers for US$90.

Image Source: ADATA

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