Acer to Dump Cheap Laptops to Europe

Want a cheap laptop? Consider taking a vacation in Europe as Acer is about to dump 3 million units of its laptops on the European market to clear out its overstock inventory. The company would sell it at a steep discount, but it is still unknown what kind of deals we could get out of this grand sale. What we do know is that Acer wants to sell them quick.

“Inventory becomes older technology and consumers don’t get the best (specs available), things need to change for the benefit of the channel and (their) customers,” a representative of Acer stated.

Acer also blames the rise of tablets and the fall of netbook sales on their inventory dilemma. But if you ask me, I would prefer Acer to sell these Acer laptops in developing countries in Africa and Asia, where tablets are considered luxury items. Then again, I am not from Acer and I doubt they would hear this suggestion.

Source: The Register

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