Acer G24 LCD Monitor

In a bid to entice PC gamers, Acer comes up with an LCD monitor which they claim is the "first in the world." But what totally amazes us is that the Acer G24 can support up to 50000:1 in contrast ratio. This means that contrast between orange to black would be really tight. It also supports high definition graphics for more intense gaming experience.

The G24’s 50000:1 contrast ratio is achieved with the help of its Acer Adaptive Contrast Management, which produces dramatic improvement in gradation and detail, especially for dimmer and brighter scenes. No longer have you seen ambient light reflection while playing your favorite MMORPGs but still keeping images bright.

The monitor measures 24 inches, with 1920 by 12000 widescreen resolution. It also features the Acer Overdrive Technology that significantly improves gray-to-gray levels by reducing deviation in transition time, with the rapid response time that permits immersive 3D graphics and video display.

G24 is optimized for Windows Vista and supports HDMI for instant connectivity to DVD players, set-up boxes, and HD game consoles. For more information about the price, you need to contact your local Acer store.

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