Acer AspireRevo

Acer AspireRevo

The "nettop" (short for Internet desktop) is the latest computer gadget that has been on the top of the list among netizens who want to have a fast-performing PC without the clunky space.  A nettop is designed for performing basic computations tasks like surfing the Internet, accessing web-based applications, as well as document processing, media playback among others.  Not only they are lighter and smaller, nettops cost much less and even consume much less power.

Acer has jumped the bandwagon of developing its own nettop and they are proud to present the Acer AspireRevo, which is the first NVDIA ion-powered nettop.  Setting up may require a bit of a know-how especially if you are planning to do a webcast within your wifi connection.  You can also connect the AspireRevo with the a TV and see for yourself the rich images it processes. 

The basic purchase of AspireRevo comes with standard equipment like Atom 230 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 250GB 2.5-inch HDD.  The device also comes with pre-installed software that shows off the Ion’s capabilities.  However, some of these software would not function well if the CPU does not have the needed headroom.  It is said that the AspireRevo can be purchased for $299.

While the NVIDIA Ion’s performance may not be impressive, but the slow Atom 230 processor could almost ruins it for everyone else.  Startup is fairly quick, although the time it takes to hit into a "usable" level could have taken a while to build.  The big problem about the Acer AspireRevo, however, is that browsing the Internet through it could cause some damages.  We recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your Internet browser.  A QuickTime movie could be played nicely using PowerDVD.  The best feature, in the meantime, is the video playback. 

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