Able Planet NC300B True Fidelity Headphones

Able Planet NC300B Headphones

Listening to music seems a lot better with noise being left out. This is especially true when using headphones while listening from your portable music player or other music playing devices. Headphones like the NC300B True Fidelity headphones from Able Planet allows you such an experience.

The Able Planet NC300B True Fidelity headphones features Active Noise Cancellation technology that allows users to listen to clear audio quality without the outside noise. This state of the art headphones also feature Able Planet’s patented LINX AUDIO Technology that enhances sound and speech quality to increase the perception of loudness without increasing the volume.

The NC300B True Fidelity headphones provide in-line volume controls for easy and convenient volume adjustments. It also features an adjustable headband for a more comfortable fit. The NC300B True Fidelity headphone is available at Able Planet for US$130.

Image Source: Able Planet


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