AAXA M1 Ultimate Micro Projector

Projectors nowadays have become smaller and smaller. There are now micro projectors and pico projectors that have become increasingly handy and portable. But with the decrease in size comes also a substantial decrease on quality and performance. A possible improvement may come in the form of the new M1 Ultimate Micro Projector from AAXA Technologies.

The AAXA M1 Ultimate Micro Projector is being marketed as the world’s brightest micro projector today with an ultra-bright 75 lumen LED light source. It features a native SVGA resolution and comes with a 1GB onboard memory and an SD card reader. It also features a RMVB, MP3, AVI and JPG decoder, all encased in a brushed aluminum casing. The M1 Micro Projector is currently available for pre-orders at AAXATech for US$299.

Image Source: AAXATech

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