Aava Mobile Introduces Developer Kit for Moorestown-Based Platforms

Aava Mobile has unveiled the Virta Android, a hardware-enhanced software developer kit (h-SDK) for Android developers who intend on writing applications on smartphones and tablets that run on Intel‘s latest Atom processor Z6xxx series based platforms (previously called “Moorestown”). The Virta Android is a full-functioning reference smartphone that comes preloaded with a customized Android SDK.

The Virta Android comes with a capacitive touch screen, accelerometer, GPS, haptic feedback, and a video/ still camera. It also includes a GSM/ EDGE quad band and WCDMA triple-band modem, WiFi, Bluetooth, and all types of connectivity for complete platform and app testing.

App developers Ixonos and Teleca have already been using a beat version of this device and looks like that are satisfied with it (if we are to believe the press release).

The Virta Android h-SDK from Aava Mobile is now available for preorder and will begin shipping on Q3 of 2010. Price is unknown.

Source: Engadget

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