A2B Launches New E-Bikes For The US Market

E-bikes or electronic bikes have not yet really reached its potential as a eco-friendly mode of transportation, especially in the US. They provide an ideal alternative to traveling within the city that does not require traveling in long distances. And with the ongoing increase in gas prices, people are now looking for other alternatives to going about without using some of their gas-guzzling vehicles. The E-bike provides a good option for city travel. And for this, A2B has launched new E-bikes for use in US cities as an alternative mode of eco-friendly transportation.

A2B, now under the new management of Hero Eco Ltd, has launched new E-bikes for the US market. They are introducing the Shima and the Alva+ E-bikes as its initial foray into the US market. The new E-bikes are actually slated for sale in the global market besides its main market base in Europe. The E-bike actually has become quite popular in Europe, most especially in Germany and in the UK. The company is set to replicate the experience by introducing the new E-bike models in the US.

The new E-bikes from A2B are designed especially for the needs of the US market. The Shima E-bike features a 500W wheel-hub propulsion system that gives it a travel range of 37 miles for a 5 hour charge of its 36-volt 13.2ah lithium ion battery. It also comes with pedal assist that can have it reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. The Alva+ E-bike also features pedal assist along with a full-on throttle button on the right handlebar for making the E-bike run without the need for pedaling. This E-bike can reach 20 miles per hour unaided but can reach up to 24MPH with pedal assist. It can also run for a 40 mile range, depending on the riding conditions and the driver weight, but which makes it ideal for city travel. The Shima E-bikes is expected to cost around US$3,800 while the Alva+ will be priced somewhere around US$3,400. You can further check it out at the A2B website for more details.

Image Source: A2B

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