A Vest that Holds the iPad, Because Pants are not iPad-Friendly

ScotteVest Travel Vest with iPad Pocket

Despite the snickers and guffaws received by the Apple iPad, several companies are seizing the opportunity to milk Apple consumers dry by introducing accessories that could go well with their gigantic iPod Touch.

Since pant pockets do not yet conform to the standard that is the iPad, ScotteVest comes up with a 22-pocket Travel Vest for Men, which incidentally comes with a pocket that fits the iPad perfectly.  The manufacturer assures wearers that the iPad would not stick out or bulge right out from the clothing (of course, who wouldn’t want be spotted owning an iPad?) thanks to its NoBulge technology that keeps the vest streamlined.

But really, the ScotteVest Travel Vest probably just so happen to have a pocket big enough for an iPad.  I mean, had the vest been introduced several months ago it would probably market it as having a pocket for the Kindle.  But with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as part of ScotteVest’s board of directors (we are not kidding), a Kindle pocket would be a far-fetched idea.

The ScotteVest Travel Vest with iPad Pocket costs an astounding US$100, available in three colors, and sizes up to XXXL.

Source:  CrunchGear

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