A Vending Machine with Live Crabs

A company based in Nanjing, China, named “Golden Flower” comes up with one of the craziest vending machines in the world: It sells, apart from iced tea, live crabs. One model is located in a subway station in the city, wherein the crabs are individually packed in plastic cases and are kept at 5°C at all times. This means that the crabs are actually hibernating, only to wake up once the package is opened.

The company even provides this guarantee written on the machine: If a buyer gets a dead crab, the company gives three crabs for free.

Now, why the need for live crabs? Apart from the novelty it brings, the machine partly reflects the practice done by the Chinese (as well as many Asians) of buying live seafood, thus ensuring consumers of its freshness.

Each crab costs between US$1.50 and $7.50, depending on its size. You may want to watch this video clip to give you an idea.

Source: Japan Probe, via CrunchGear

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