A Tactile Keyboard on the iPhone?

Historically, any keyboard-type input device that does not provide the user a tactile feedback never fared well in the market. That is what our hands and fingers do best: touch. I don’t know about you, but the sensation of poking at a glass surface seems like a less-than-rewarding rewarding experience.

Touch typing is something which has ported from the regular querty keyboard to the mobile phone. It’s not hard to touch type, it’s not at all hard to create an SMS without looking at your phone. Most of us can and often type text messages surreptitiously while walking or talking, something which can be very difficult to do on the iPhone.
So how do we get rid of this problem without corrupting the iPhone ‘s glorious form. 4iThumbs had a novel idea, to which you can’t help but disgustedly say, "Why didn’t i think of that?"
In the end, it’s nothing but a sticker right? But aren’t the simplest idea ofthen the greatest? Jery Rosengarten says,

“4iThumbs is an iPhone typing aid that helps users increase typing speed and accuracy. Whether you choose to keep the attachment or use it like training wheels, the beauty of this product is that it maintains the sleek look of the device while enhancing usability and offers a bridge for those who want an iPhone but avoid it because they need tactile feedback to type quickly.”

4iThumbs portrait mode costs $14.95, landscape mode $16.95 or both for $19.95. Installation is pretty straightforward and simple. Fits right on top of your on-screen iPhone keyboard, should you affix it correctly. Can be easily removed and promises not to interfere with the touch screen of the iPhone. You may get dissenting aesthetic opinions though, as inquisitive minds may ask how your iPhone grew nubbins.

Source:  Flex Developer’s Journal

Image source:  Real Tech News

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