A Sneak Peak at VideoTank HD Flash-Based Video Recorder

The image you see above is not actually the VideoTank HD Flash-Based Video Recorder, this is just a rough sketch of the device. Photos of the final appearance of VideoTank hasn’t surfaced yet on the Internet. But don’t even imagine that the VideoTank HD exhibits images of fish swimming in a digital aquarium in High-Def graphics okay? The VideoTank is a handheld MPEG-4 video recorder and storage device engineered by DVEO .

The VideoTank HD Flash-Based video recorder will hit the market this coming June or July. It provides a rugged, compact, professional-grade video encoder that will definitely match your standards and meet your expectations. With video being captured/saved to interchangeable compact flash cards, it’s perfect for outdoor use!

It will save all your digital video memories in MPEG-4 format to the CompactFlash memory card, supporting up to 32GB of storage space to record a maximum of 2 hours of 1080i content in each unit. Compact enough to carry around in your hand well, it is packed with features such as automatic standards detection, a merged microphone and headphone connectors. You can manipulate it through an LCD panel and on-board push buttons.

Source:  Ubergizmo

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