A Round-Top Computer For Asians? That's Racist!

Our eyes could only roll on this one. A company base in China claims that according to a study conducted by Professor Zhou Hongan of the University of Shanghai, East Asians are slowly losing their Epicanthic folds (the skin folds that cover the inner corners of the eyes) because computers have square screens, which is why it is their mission to “preserve the characteristic proud Asian look for future generations to come” by… wait for it… developing a computer with a round screen and keyboard.

The professor expounded that frequent use of computers and digital newspapers in the country, as compared to the dwindling sales of “tangible” newspapers and magazines, have made his fellow Asians to lose their Epicanthic folds and become “more Western” in appearance. Although blaming the surge of technology and industry to certain evolution processes is nothing new, we do not see the connection on how round computers would keep Asians from having “squarer” eyes.

And yes, according to an e-mail to CrunchGear, the people behind Revo-Round are not kidding. They even bragged that they have just got an investment amounting to 50 million euros from Dutch entrepreneur Roeland Reinders, who now holds 25% of the company.

Source: Revo-Round, via CrunchGear

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