a-JAYS Four Earbuds

Since Apple devices like the iPod, iPhone and the iPad are considered cool, the accessories you use for them should be on the same level as well. That cool factor, for example, should also be seen on the earphones that you use for them. Having this a-JAYS Four Earbuds certainly matches well with those cool Apple iDevices.

The a-JAYS Four Earbuds look unique in that it features flat tangle-free cables unlike most earbuds in the market. It also comes with a unique L-shaped plug design and a simple yet full features 3-button remote that can be used to play and pause music videos, answer and hang up calls as well as skip songs or control volume. The a-JAYS Four are primarily designed for the Apple iPod, iPhone and the iPad. It is available at authorized resellers for around US$60.

Image Source: JAYS

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