A Conceptual E-Notepad Lets You Scribble and Save

They say that if you have a great idea, you have to make a note about it before it drifts away from your memory. Although an ordinary pen and notebook could come in handy, transferring the text into digital files could be time-wasting.

This problem becomes an easy solution with this concept electronic slate called the NoteSlate, a 13-inch device with 750 x 1080 display that can be written with “eInk” (not to be confused with E-Ink, which is used in Kindle, Sony Reader, and other e-book readers).

This electronic blackboard, or whiteboard, comes with a pen input that writes green, blue, or red text, as well as a “4-color edition” that can display all the mentioned colors (aside from black or white) as the pen input scratches the display. It will also feature 180 hours of battery life and open-source software that can store scribbles, notes, and even play mp3 files.

And while advanced versions will have PDF and text viewing, as well as OCR handwriting recognition, the best part about the NoteSlate is its US$99 suggested retail price, although some versions would cost more.

Source: Engadget

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