A-Bike Electric, The World’s Lightest Folding Electric Bike

A Bike ElectricThe daily commute to work is not always ideal for some people. Even when people drive cars, there is sometimes that last leg of travel to the final destination that sometimes require an extensive walk. And sometimes, short distances do not always make driving a car a practical way to move around. Sometimes people need a more portable and convenient personal transport to fill this void. The A-Bike Electric is just one good example.

The A-Bike is a unique looking electric bike designed to be the most convenient mode of personal transport. It is being marketed as the world’s lightest folding electric bike. This compact electric bike folds into a compact form that makes it easy to store in any available space. Commuters can even bring it along with them when they need to go somewhere a short distance away. The A-Bike Electric can even ride on the train or bus without restricting any public space.

Once unfolded, the A-Bike can then a commuter’s best friend. It can help make their commute more convenient. Electric power assistance can help the rider go farther without having to sweat it out. Pedal assist helps provide some much needed help in making the bike ride more efficient. The A-Bike Electric can go up to 12 miles or 24 km by electric power. Using pedal assist only as needed can even make it go farther. Ad when the battery juice runs out, riders can still use it as a typical bike and go around .

The A-Bike Electric is a good way to bring along a personal mode of transport with you wherever you go. Typical bikes can sometimes be a hassle because you need to leave them somewhere whenever you need to go inside the workplace or when you need to ride a train or bus. With the A-Bike Electric’s folding design, you can always bring along your bike in and out of buildings, buses, trains or even cars. It is convenient to use and will help you become more environment-friendly in your choice for a personal mode of transport. The A-Bike Electric is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of 589 UK Pounds or $917 can get you one. It is expected to come out October of this year. By then, it is expected to retail for 699 UK Pounds or around $1089.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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