94Fifty Smart Basketball

94Fifty smart basketball

Basketball players, especially those who play on the streets, do not have the necessary tools to check their performance. InfoMotion Sports wants to bring performance stats close to your concrete court.

The 94Fifty smart basketball is just like your usual, amateur-standard hoop ball, but with sensors embedded inside. The added hardware detects the forces involved as you dribble or shoot, then sends details such as throw angle or power to your smartphone through Bluetooth. This advanced basketball works with compatible Android and iOS apps.

It requires battery power for all the ball’s insides to work, which can be replenished by putting the ball on a Qi wireless charging pad after the end of each session.

The smart basketball is ideal for training sessions and competition. Even season veterans can get into it as InfoMotion’s custom software features challenges they can master.

The 94Fifty smart basketball by InfoMotion Sports is due to arrive in the summer on its online retail channels, with an asking price of $295.

Source: 94Fifty, via Engadget

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