The RelationTips App

For the iphone there are 9 apps that will spice up your love life.  These apps include the Girlfriend Keeper, Happy Sex, Date Smart, Honey Do!, Passions, iKamasutra, RelationTips, Dinner Spinner, Wertago For Nightlife. I would like to go through a few of these with you. It is just kind of funny how technology is growing to all areas of our lives. The question is does it really help in the romantic – love life? Let’s look at a few of these.

Finally, The RelationTips app

This app lets you define up to eight relationships (husband, wife, teen daughter, teen son, young daughter, young son, mom, dad) and will generate advice on how to improve each specific relationship. It can suggest fun activities or dates, it can tell you how to better communicate your feelings, and it can propose actions you can take to show how you feel. RelationTips also stores important dates like birthdays, as well as key, must-know facts about your nearest-and-dearest on a list of your loved one’s Favorite Things (i.e. his/her favorite color, food, music and activities, among other information.)

The “RelationTips app” is a great app! I can’t tell you how much I would love to have an app to collect all the important data of the ones I love most.  How awesome would it be to have this app, while taking one of those “How well do you know your husband?” test!  This app, also gives advice on fun activities and dates! All together, this app would serve a great purpose in each of our lives. I say it’s a DO!

All in all, I believe that iPhone has come up with some useful tools to organize and simplify our lives.  It is important though, to keep some things in life from being programmed, like ROMANCE!

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