8 Valentine’s Day gadget gift ideas for him

Valentine's Day gadget gift ideas

Valentine's Day gadget gift ideas

Your man should not just be the only one buying the gifts for Valentine’s Day. Repay his love and kindness with the gift of technology. It does not have to be expensive, as your partner probably prefers the more practical gadget gifts.

Jennifer Jolly of USA Today shares her suggestions on what gadget gifts you could give to your man-love.

Personalizable beer holster (Now $21.99 on Redenvelope) – Your man no longer has to hold his beer bottle the whole time, as he could just slide it into a special holster by his side. It also makes for a hands-free barbecueing. The beer holster attaches to the belt and comes fitted with adjustable nylon straps. You can even customize it by adding his initials.

Pebble Steel smartwatch ($249 on GetPebble) – This gadget gift syncs with your smartphone, pushing notifications and alerts without having to bring out your phone.

Sony DSC-QX100 lens style camera ($500 on Sony) – Not only this is a really compact camera, but it ideally attached to your smartphone, turning it into a very slim DSLR shooter.

Justin Power Case for iPad (Now $72 on Amazon) – It is a leather iPad case and power backup at the same time. Its universal USB also charges most mobile devices.

Mohu Leaf HD indoor antenna (Now $40 on Mohu) – You could actually watch HD channels through over-the-air broadcasts. With an antenna that can receive HD TV channels, it certainly eliminates the expensive cable subscription.

Parrot AR Drone 2 ($370 on Amazon) – Let your partner have fun flying drones and snap aerial photos and videos by attaching his smartphone to it.

WowWee MiP robot (Pre-order for $120) – This robot is equipped with gesture-based controls, making it move using any hand motions. You could also play games with it using its free app. MiP ships this Spring.

Ultimate Ears Boom speaker ($200 on Ultimate Ears) – This 360-degree portable wireless speaker drops the beats in all directions.

Source: USA Today

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