70 Million PlayStation 3 Units Sold in Six Years

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that 70 million units of its PlayStation 3 were sold cumulatively as of November 4th, a few days shy of the gaming console’s sixth anniversary.

In comparison, rival Xbox 360 from Microsoft achieved the 70 million cumulative sales mark back in September. Considering that the device was release about a year before the PS3, it took the Xbox 360 longer to clock up sales. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Wii (launched in 2006) remains the leader in console sales, achieving worldwide sales of 97.18 million units as of end of September 2012.

Sony has also announced that global cumulative sales of PlayStation Move motion-based controller, its answer to the Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo Wii Remote, passed the 15 million unit mark on November 11. Launched in September 2010, the Move is now compatible to over 400 titles.

Also, software titles fo PS3 has reached 3,590 with over 595 million units sold all over the world.

Source: TechCrunch

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