Here are 7 Flappy Bird alternatives

Flappy Bird alternative, Flappy Doge

Flappy Bird alternative, Flappy Doge

Flappy Bird is forever gone on both iOS App Store and Google Play, and you are now suffering from regret of deleting it. Withdrawal from the very simple, yet crazy difficult, app may have its effect on some people like a buddy of mine who is now itching to beat his high score of 4.

But do not fret, there are other game apps similar to Flappy Bird, whether they were created before it became popular or just copied the heck out of its code after its meteoric rise to the top. Some of these Flappy Bird alternatives have even risen to the upper echelon of the app charts.

Whether you are seeking for a similar rage-inducing challenge or you want to find out why Flappy Bird became popular but would not know why because it is long gone, here are some game apps you can sample.

Ironpants (free on iOS and Android) – It has a very similar gameplay, but has a caped superhero instead breezing through stacks of wooden crates. Player swear this is more difficult than Flappy Bird. The difference is that Ironpants bombards you with full-screen ads that you have to click to remove.

Clumsy Bird (free on Android) – This Flappy Bird alternative mashes the game with a character that looks like the red bird on Angry Birds. It even comes with a storyline where the bird supposedly chases dragons that have been stealing its eggs. You can save your bird from certain death using crystals, which you can only claim through in-app purchasing.

Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyer (free on iOS) – Are you made that Flappy Bird has really tight gaps? Hate the fact you only have one life? Fly Birdie solves the problem by making the bird smaller and a supply of three lives, which you can refill for 99 cents.

Flappy Wings (not Flappy Bird) (free on Amazon) – This game is more like a copycat rather than an alternative as it has copied most of its elements, except for the bird’s look. While it is no longer available on Google Play, but reviews have pointed out how this Flappy Bird alternative comes riddled with advertisements.

Fluffy vs Flappy Birds (free on iOS) – This app banked on Flappy Bird’s popularity by shamelessly edited its original title “Fluffy Bird” into something more easily searchable. It is more of an adventure-type game rather than an endless run, soaring the bird through rocky cliffs. The app also comes with an extensive suite of in-app purchases, like 10,000 coins for $0.99.

Flappy Bee – There are actually several apps from different developers who share the title “Flappy Bee”. The iOS app by Michal Kacmar is originally “Happy Bee,” and the only way to die is not to tap on the screen. Ads also appear miday in the game, distracting you into losing your sessing. Over at Google Play, meanwhile, there are actually three apps with the same name.

Flappy Doge (free on browser) – Hate the fact that the long-gone app never had a PC version? Flappy Doge is a good Flappy Bird alternative. You click on the mouse to keep a leg-less Shiba Inu afloat and maneuver through pipes. The catch is that it is not as responsive as the mobile game and it may take a while to get used to its physics.

Source: Gamespot

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