5 sexy apps for couples on Valentine’s Day

Sexy apps for Valentine's Day

Sexy apps for Valentine's Day

It is that time of the year when couples bring their romance to another level. Gifts, chocolates, and kisses will be exchanged on Valentine’s Day, but you could rekindle that fire of desire even further with the help of these sexy apps for couples.

Kindu for Couples ($1.99 on Google Play) – This app removes the embarrassment associated with exploring each other’s sexual desires. After being installed on the couple’s smartphones, this sexy app provides questions about different fantasies and it suggests an activity the two of you can enjoy and take it from there.

Sex & Marriage ($0.99 on iTunes) – This app offers various tips and “spicy games” you and your partner can do to make the relationship even more interesting. Most suggestions are simple and doable, such as putting up a sexy photo shoot or cover the bed with rose petals.

Sex Life Planner ($0.99 on Google Play) – Create a to-do list of your deepest fantasies with your partner. If you are having trouble creating your list, this sexy app comes with suggestions, then check off your fantasies when done.

iKamasutra ($0.99 on iTunes; $2.99 on Google Play) – Arguably one of the most popular sex apps, iKamasutra is packed with 110 different sexual positions you and your partner can choose from. There is definitely something you haven’t tried. You can even browse positions according to intimacy, complexity of the position, and even physical strength needed to pull it off.

Hot Game – The Sexy Scratch Game ($0.99 on iTunes) – Still at a loss on what to do when sexy time comes? This interesting app could help. Input how you want it on Valentine’s Day in three categories: foreplay, location, and position. Shake your phone and it randomly generates a combo, which you scratch to reveal the plan.

Source: Today.com

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