5-in-1 Kitchen Timer

For avid cooks, having something ready for eating right from the stove or the oven seems to be the culmination of a good day. No matter how busy, just being able to come up with that perfect meal or great food on the table is that achievement that people who love to cook look for. Preparation is the key to good cooking. Knowing the right time of doing each step is also essential. That is why a kitchen timer is a valuable tool for many avid cooks. And for those who always prepare and cook more than one recipe all at once, this 5-in1 Kitchen Timer will come in quite handy.

The 5-in-1 Kitchen Timer can be a useful device for mothers as well as avid cooks who always have the gas burners in the kitchen full of things cooking. It provides users with ways to keep track of cooking times of the different food placed on each burner. The 5-in-1 Kitchen Timer features a clear LCD screen that comprises of four timers that can be set up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. But of course, you won’t need to cook food longer than that. The different kitchen timers on the display screen can be seen inside a circle arranged similar to a conventional stove burner. This way, you can always set the different cooking times according to where they are set at your own stove to reduce confusion.

The 5-in1 Kitchen Timer also comes with a clock in the middle to help users know what time it is aside from when to proceed to the next cooking step. This part can also be used to keep tabs on what is cooking inside the oven or one being cooked on a separate stove or grill. The 5-in-1 Kitchen Timer also comes with a stopwatch and an alarm clock as added functions. Setting the timer is relatively easy to do and understand. The 5-in-1 Kitchen Timer is available at the Pro Idee site for 20 UK Pounds or around US$31.

Image Source: Pro Idee Concept Store

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