5 Great Gardening Apps For Beginners

You may have the most awesome virtual farm, but can you take that green thumb and create actual food gardens? With a little help from these gardening apps, you can turn your backyard into a sustainable garden that saves you a lot of money from shopping for food ingredients in the long run.

Sprout It – Budding gardeners can learn a lot from Sprout It, a web-based app that helps you determine the best plants to sow in your garden based on local weather conditions. This gardening app creates tailor-made growing plans and alerts you when harvest time arrives. With its partnership with Miracle Gro fertilizers, Sprout It provides you with specified data and tips, as well as a virtual plant diary.

Garden Plants Growing Guide – Whether your are growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers, the Garden Plants Growing Guide advises you on how to grow and care for over 75 species of plants. This gardening app comes with beautiful pictures of each plant to give you a visual idea of what it looks like in full bloom. The best part about this app is that it does not require Internet access when using it.

Gardens – Document your garden’s progress or your most recent walk in the nature park with Gardens. Take photos, label them, and share your personal online scrapbook to friends. It is also a great source for gardening supplies, advice, and tips.

The Gardening Guide from Mother Earth News – Its name is quite a mouthful. The Garden Guide focuses on planting vegetables, providing expert advice on crops, techniques, and resources. Ideal for both beginners and expert gardeners.

Fruit Garden – Similar to Garden Guide, but for growing fruits. Fruit Garden provides detailed information on soil preparation, as well as tips on growing and harvesting. This gardening app, available on Android and iOS, lists down the best fruit varieties and even comes with a section that allows you to buy these fruits.

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